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Honeycomb 3.2 update rolling out.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eibook, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Android Enthusiast

    Hmmmm strange I'd try restarting - power off/on. Google to see if anyone else .. check with Motorola...

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  2. etacarinae

    etacarinae Newbie

    all I could find was this Non working email links after 3.2 update

    tried their suggestion on turning the tablet but nothing happened:eek:
  3. etacarinae

    etacarinae Newbie

    This just fixed itself on its own by itself:):):) just tried it again and it ask me witch browser I want to use to bring me to the link page.....I guess something was stuck and it unjammed itself:p
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  4. Eggo369

    Eggo369 Lurker

    Anyone seeing a battery life change since the update? I haven't used it much in the past 2 days but tonight my battery was dead. I guess I will find out tonight, charging and taking it out and about (out and about being a desk drawer) tomorrow.
  5. sethwardo

    sethwardo Newbie

    Not sure if its been mentioned sorry if it has, but looks like they got rid of the annoying wallpaper scaling from 3.0. Just set a wallpaper from the browser and it just set it instead of taking me to the scaling options. Is this new or something from earlier version
  6. jtprescottjr

    jtprescottjr Lurker

    I got my update to 3.2 this past weekend. I tried to use the wifi hotspot and could not connect laptop to internet. Problem resolved when I checked password for wifi hotspot. The 3.2 upgrade changed my password on hotspot setup.
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  7. etacarinae

    etacarinae Newbie

    my battery life seems to be the same since update get 5&6 hours on wifi listen to internet radio alot.....question when you do need a new battery where do you go to get it changed?..do you have to go to a Verizon store:thinking:
  8. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    Two people I know owns a Xoom and no update for either of them, we're in Canada and just recently read up that Motorola said "please be patient", I remember the last time they said that they decided to not update the non-US Motoblur phones so I have this funny feeling they won't update the non-US Xooms.

    I suggested the Asus Transformer if they want to ditch the Xoom, it already has 3.2.
  9. mjf1

    mjf1 Member

    Count me in as another early adopter and disppointed Canuck!
  10. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Android Enthusiast

    Well now that Google has purchased Motorola Mobility maybe we can get these things addressed. :)
  11. jl82

    jl82 Lurker

    My battery is dying twice as fast now since the update. Nothing changed for me other than the update. I dont use it extensively never really did, just updated it and noticed im charging it WAY more often than i used to, i used to charge it every other day or longer. now its almost every day
  12. mjf1

    mjf1 Member

    My update is coming down now....I am Canadian with a stock Xoom.
  13. mjf1

    mjf1 Member

    This is 3.1 not 3.2 (humbug)

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