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Root Honeycomb music player (the leaked one) on the optimus M

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alexxseven, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. alexxseven

    alexxseven Well-Known Member
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    Mar 5, 2011
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    ok so no one here has posted anything about this (that i know of)for THIS specific phone, idk if anyone even wanted to try. but I did succeed at getting it to work on the LG Optimus M ^^ took a good few reads and trial/error to get it but i was able to.

    i have a few pics, and the music widget DOES work on the home screen!

    img 1
    img 2
    img 3
    img 4
    img 5
    img 6
    img 7

    A very big thank you to johnnie93 for the apk leak!
    Source = XDA

    the way i actually installed this was through Root Explorer. just so you know

    now what i did to get the LIB that this will need was use 7z to extract the .apk as you would a zip file and then went to (extracted folder > lib > armeabi-v7a) and took the libjumper.so
    this is attached so you don't need to do that but its there for edu. reasons

    i dropped the apk and the .so files onto the root of my SD card. You can put them wherever on the SD but the root is just easier

    after that i put the sd card back into my phone
    (you do not have to take the SD card out to place the files, this is just how i did it)
    after which i cut off background data, wifi, and put my phone into airplane mode

    now you can use ADB or a terminal to push the files around. but root explorer is very handy people :)

    once my apps loaded (i have most on the SD card) I opened root explorer. i navigated to System>app and tapped the mount r/w button. scrolled down to the music.apk already in there and copied it over to my SD card for backup reasons.
    ALSO Not sure exactly HOW important this is but i did it anyways just in case.
    i renamed the music.odex to Music.odex.bak

    after that was done i pressed the back button to get back to the root dir. and then went to the sdcard folder and moved the honeycomb music apk to system>app, after which i long pressed and Renamed it to Music.apk IT'S IMPORTANT TO NAME IT EXACTLY LIKE THE OLD ONE!
    After that i opened permissions, and set them to rw-r--r-- (mirror the rights of the other files in there.)

    after you do that you MIGHT see a force close message of the app trying to open up. when installing the final time i saw it once after i placed the apk and set the rights.
    after you place that APK you have to also place the lib
    to do that you navigate back to the sdcard folder and long press on libjumper.so and then move
    and place that file in system>lib, after you do that you have to set the rights to rw-r--r-- just like you did to the apk to mirror the rights of the other files
    once all that is done tap the mount r/o button to set the filesystem back to read only.
    IMPORTANT! you might need to go back to System>app to set it back to read only, i sometimes have to.
    after you have done that reboot your phone DO NOT ENABLE BACKGROUND DATA OR DISABLE AIRPLANE MODE BEFORE THIS i haven't tested that but my bets are it will do the annoying sync with google

    After your phone boots up, CONGRATS! you should now have a working honeycomb music player! :)


    -- In the notifications it doesn't really show the song name, album name, or artist name until it has played a song for a decent while

    -- The volume buttons when in landscape still do not respond. only in portrait view While in app

    -- The choppy sound people have reported with other phones when switching views, and when opening other apps, i haven't really noticed myself. but do note im on a constant 600mhz clock.

    -- My optimus is one that had stock 2.2.1, a MS690

    -- If you don't believe my pictures then i'll even take vid of me messing with it >.>

    -- I haven't really noticed a change in battery consumption like most other people on other phones have reported.

    -- This will NOT work on 2.1 for anyone outside the optimus M community trying to follow this and are on android 2.1

    -- Music "seeking" or "scrubbing" does work like it does in the stock music app, just slightly harder to get since the progress bar is thin.

    -- Sorry for the bad instructions, i was taking coffee breaks and stuff, lost my train of thought alot.

    while messing with it more i have found a few things out.

    -- using jumpertest it will work with google music sync only after you get it running sucessfully. in jumpertest you need to go over to accounts, click your account. it will seem to FC but its just a reset. reopen jumpertest and your account should be in the username box now. go to comtrols and click start peer, it should say start successful. congrats your halfway there!

    -- to enable the cloud on your accounts you have to go to sync settings and enable music sync under your account. The upload location is not current with the released music player for android 3.0 on the moto xoom *got a copy of the system* im looking into updating this if i can.

    -- i've noticed the music app runs under jumpertest, i did get one FC on it but i cleared data and it was normal. but even at that the fc was only whenever i opened jumpertest directly, the music app worked fine still though. Key bits: i looked into the FC and it is not directly associated to debugging, its related to the upload location not being present online. i will see if i can change it in the XML and update on this.

    -- Something to note, streaming and syncing is more than likely to kill your battery faster, should know that by now but still.

    -- Im attempting to port over the finished version of the xoom 3.0 music player, if anyone is good with system APKs and porting. please help me on this in any way you can :)

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  2. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2010
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    But does it have a ten band equalizer? I'll stick with PowerAmp if not.
  3. alexxseven

    alexxseven Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 5, 2011
    supervising people kicking rocks
    That box under the bridge
    sadly no, lol im working on fixing this one up and porting over the final build as well, slowly though as i work on trying to help with getting in an OC kernel for 2.2.1 users. but i've ran into an equalizer ported out from cyanogen. im not too sure on getting it to work because when i tried it anything that needed audio would cause a crash, but i can look into that for that one and update you on it too ^^

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