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Honor challenges you to find a better smartphone than the Honor 5X for less than $200

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Endda, Jan 20, 2016.

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    Honor is throwing a little contest that asks you to find a smartphone that costs less than $200 that is better than the Honor 5X.

    Details of the challenge are as follows. . .

    1. Research, find and share with us a competitor’s unlocked smartphone that has superior features than the honor 5X available for less than $200.‍‍
    ‍‍2. The smartphone needs to at least include the honor 5X’s top 5 features.‍‍
    ‍‍3. Register at the honor USA Community:‍‍ click here to register>>
    ‍‍4. Share the campaign on Twitter making sure you share the post URL: (http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-221)‍‍
    ‍‍5. If you find a smartphone that is better than the honor 5X, post the article on the Sweepstake page stating “ I found the XX smartphone” and post in the honor 5X community forum indicating smartphone model number/ body materials/ fingerprint sensor/ camera features/ processor/ battery capacity/ smartphone picture with screenshot on Twitter.‍‍
    ‍‍6. The first 5 challengers that find and share with us a smartphone that meets the set criteria before Jan. 28, 2016 will be rewarded a Visa giftcard of $200!‍‍
    ‍‍7. If you cannot find a competitive smartphone that beats the honor 5X, reply “I admit the honor 5X is the best unlocked smartphone in its class of less than $200!” with the previously posted Twitter screenshot on the Sweepstake page.‍‍

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