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Hope for an update from Samsung?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by johnnyolivares, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. johnnyolivares

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    This is my conversation on samsung live chat. Does this mean we're getting an update? Eventually. Maybe there's a chance.?

    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Daniel'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
    info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK5640976840X
    Daniel: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Visitor: I would like to know if there are any planned firmware updates?
    Daniel: I understand that you want to know about the planned updates for your device. Is that correct?
    Visitor: yes.
    Daniel: Thank you.
    Daniel: May I know the model number of your phone ? You can find the model number beneath the phone's battery which generally starts with SGH, SCH or SPH .
    Visitor: SCH-R910
    Daniel: Thank you.
    Daniel: Let me check the details.
    Visitor: Thank you.
    Daniel: You are welcome.
    Daniel: There are no updates released yet for your device.
    Daniel: However, When the update is released it would be notified on the website; I suggest you please check the Samsung website periodically.
    Daniel: We are unable to speculate when/if this software revision might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.
    Visitor: Well is it at least being worked on?
    Visitor: Thank you.
    Daniel: Yes, Please be rest assured that the updates are planned for the device.
    Daniel: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Visitor: No, that was all. Thank you once again.
    Daniel: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. If you have a minute, please click on the blue

  2. k0nane

    k0nane Android Expert

    Standard canned response. The Indulge will never get an update.
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