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HORROR story about DROID X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Xman007, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Xman007

    Xman007 Member
    Thread Starter

    So I'd been craving a smartphone for last 2 yrs. Almost bought the iphone. Anyhow, I love the DROID X for all it's reasons.

    Bought mine the very first day - July15th. I paid $378 out the door (just for 2 phones. 2nd phone was for wife - Free LG's simple phone) Got a family plan.

    HORROR begins the 3rd day. I get a NO SERVICE sign, where the bars are supposed to be. I call the Cust.Serv. They cleaned up all the memory :(, and set it to default, and reboot. I lost all data, but I thought at least the phone works! 3 days later, same thing. Then it began everyday, sometimes serveral times a day. Phone Freezes up, I get no signal, cuts off randomly, and a whole bunch of problems. I was calling Verizon everyday. They told me it's a hardware issue - basically the phone is a lemon. But they can't give me a new phone, since I bought it from a 3rd party Verizon Authorized Dealer, and not Corporate Store. I didn't want a Refurb. So, they said my dealer can give me a new one.

    I spoke to the manager of the store where I bought - Newpark Mall. He told me that they'll give me a new one when they get another shipment. I found out from their sales guy a few days later that everytime they get a new shipment, they sell out quickly. So it's obvious they would rather get NEW business than deal with me, since I'm already on a contract now.

    However, I want to simply return/cancel this before my 30 days are up (got 2 more days to go). Then I can buy from Verizon, or Walmart, or someone who cares.... But I don't want to loose my phone number, I'd rather keep the same number I now have. How can I do that?

    P.S: Not to mention, I think I've over paid. I see a lot of people here paying around $150 or less for this phone. Dang...now THAT makes me more mad knowing I paid more, and still got a lemon, and am Paying for service that I don't use much. :mad:

    Plz Help, I have only 2 days to take action.

  2. nickstanley

    nickstanley Well-Known Member

    If it makes you feel better, I MADE about $75 by switching to the X...

    Crap happens. Sadly, not all phones are perfect. Sounds like you just got one of the few that are crap. Don't let it change your mind. The X + VZW = AMAZING
  3. GoNe2heLL

    GoNe2heLL Member

    Only way to keep the # is to port out o different carrier att sprint etc then port back into vzw. Too damn complicated
  4. blubill

    blubill Well-Known Member

    You need to get on the phone with Verizon and tell them the whole situation. Then you need to demand a new replacement phone. I have never had them treat me unfairly. Just make sure that you let them know you have 2 days left and you have to get the issue resolved on the phone with them TODAY.
  5. whitrome

    whitrome Newbie

    Lucky you! In my VZW experience, their excellent coverage just makes up for their sheisty customer service. Unless you are in a position where you can still cancel their service with minimum fees, which I believe the OP is, I have found that the customer service over their hotlines is rather lacking.
  6. droidx_fan

    droidx_fan Well-Known Member

    MegaDittos. I will say this for Verizon. When you get a Customer Service Rep that so obviously could care less, hang up and call back. I've found that about 1 out of 3 does actually care and will make every reasonable attempt to help. While a .333 batting average is pretty good in MLB, I think it sucks for Customer Service response. But it is what it is. Sadly, AT&T isn't any better and their network sucks on top of it. And as hard as it may be to believe, during the 3 weeks I tried the Evo and Sprint, their Customer Service was worse yet.
  7. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    I am in complete disagreement with you on Verizon's customer service. I have Verizon FIOS, regular landline, and wireless and not once with any of those services have I ever had a bad experience calling. I've had issues with billing and my account, but chalk that up to software since it has happened a couple times even when the rep fixes it. Heck, the last rep that I talked to informed me about the fact that the stores operate differently than the call center (asking about upgrading to the X), and recommended I go into on of the stores since the manager there has more leeway on pricing. I was still in my previous contract so I did not qualify for the upgrade price through there computer systems, but was able to get the upgrade at the store.

    Forgot to add: I employ the time tested tactic of using honey instead of vinegar.
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  8. ptown434

    ptown434 Member

    $378? The phone is $200 on a 2yr contract? Did you get it for 1yr? Accessories? I would definitely stay on top of the retailer. They will most surely have their own clause about cancellations, so make sure you know what they are. The 30 day worry-free is only a VZW condition. The retailer could add anything they want to their own agreements.

    I would take the the replacement phone from VZW, their refurbs for X's are practically new. I'm getting one because I do not want to wait till Sept for a new-in-box one.
  9. dlaxman31

    dlaxman31 Member

    He said he got two phones for that price.
  10. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    Call 611 and very nicely explain what is happening with the phone(don't give them any other details). Give them the chance to say they will replace it, don't demand it. If you get a rep that is no help, call back again till you do get one to help you. Doubt it will take more than one call.
    If all else fails, return the phone, pay your $35 restocking fee and get another phone.
    Do this BEFORE your 30 days is up!!!!!
    Don't take no for an answer. The key is to BE NICE. They will turn you right off if you get ugly.

    I've NEVER had a problem getting a phone replaced from Verizon.... N E V E R!
  11. ptown434

    ptown434 Member

    He said the LG phone was free. I am also thinking the extra money was for activation fees.

    VZW charges the activation fees on the first bill, but a 3rd retailer might charge in the store.
  12. XxXplicit

    XxXplicit Newbie

    You must live in or near Fremont or Newark, CA. The Newpark Mall Verizon kiosk has to be one of the worst places to buy phones. The workers are unhelpful unles you open up a new contract. It was better when they closed it down. Sorry to hear about your problems. Call *611 and kerp calling till someone corrects this probelm.
  13. ptown434

    ptown434 Member

    VZW MIGHT help with a new phone, but they are literally out of stock. You would have to wait (VZW site says "will ship by 8/26"). So i still think the replacement phone from vzw is the best bet.

    Also make sure that the phone change won't cause any fees to generate from the 3rd party retailer. They are notorious for fees when any changes are made to the account.

    If you want to keep the same number, you will have to keep the account active. If you disconnect from the original retailer, the number will go into limbo for a long time before anybody sees it again. REMEMBER: the 3rd party retailer might also have extra charges for cancellation on top of VZW's $35. Read the whole agreement you received from them.
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  14. XxXplicit

    XxXplicit Newbie

    I had bought the Driod X through Best Buy and after having problems and playing phone tag with Best Buy and Verizon, Verizon actually sent me out a new Droid X because I was getting no where with Best Buy. After perstiance someone will help you out.
  15. dlaxman31

    dlaxman31 Member

    Good point I stand corrected.
  16. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    So what is the lesson learned people???? Buy only from a Verizon store. I don't trust BB or any other retailer. VERIZON rules people. :D
  17. garddog32

    garddog32 Newbie

    It's strange that you are having these problems returning your phone. I had problems with my first Droid that I purchased through Amazon. I called VZW and after a day or so of troubleshooting, they sent me a new one. They knew I purchased through Amazon, but since it was within the 30 days... they replaced it. I'm wondering if you got a CSR that didn't know what he was doing. (Or maybe I did :)).
  18. Xman007

    Xman007 Member
    Thread Starter

    That is AMAZING! People bought phones from Best Buy, or Walmart get replacements from VZW, but I can't... I just got Off the phone from calling 611. They told me the same old story, go to your Authorized dealer, THEY should do it. "Our system won't allow us to do it, even if we wanted to." I don't get it! :mad: How are all the people who buy from online sites get help or exchange, etc. They said they can send a replacement "under the 1 yrs warranty program." But it would be refurb. I didn't spend $378 and canceled my 9 yrs of service with AT&T to get "A Refurb!" :thinking:.

    I met the dealer yesterday, and they said VZW should be able to give me a new one at the Corporate store. It's like a cat-mouse game for everyone... I'm almost considering getting an iphone now:rolleyes:. Got 2 more days for my 30 days period. Any Suggestions...?
  19. XxXplicit

    XxXplicit Newbie

    Call customer service again and talk to a manager. tell them you came from AT&T and with two more days and still playing phone tag you're at a point where you want to either get this resolved or cancel the service because of poor customer service and go get an iPhone 4. See if the word iPhone 4 gets things in motion.

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