Apps Hosting Android developoment on remote server...


Hello All,

I have Linux CentOS 6.5 VPS with Rackspace. I want to use it for my android development. I am comfortable using Linux compared to Windows.
Now I plan to connect my Linux CentOS using Tight VNC so that I can develop, test & emulate the changes for my android apps. I don't want to do
it locally on my laptop, as it will prone to laptop crashing or any disaster...

Please can you advice. What is latest lightweight graphic emulcation. I will be using public internet to access the GUI of Linux on my Laptop.

What is best way to do it. Doing it on Laptop is always has it's own challenges... source code maintanence....



TightVNC sounds like the best choice in your case.

Alternatively, if you get more serious into development, you can set up a dedicated SVN server on another computer (with backups) and then develop on anything.