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Hot phone and Lookout?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Asinine, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Asinine

    Asinine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So last night, there was an update for my Amazon, Gasbuddy and Lookout (free) apps. I updated them, and I later noticed the phone was running a bit hotter than normal.

    That being said, I previously had a phone that couldn't hold a charge for a whole day (even when it was barely used) and always was warm to the touch, and hot when I did use apps regularly. I traded that one back in with AT&T just over a week after I got it, and this one has been running smoothly, coolly, and could hold a charge typically for almost two days.

    After last night's update though, the battery dropped from about 40% to desperate in only two hours. I uninstalled Amazon and Gasbuddy, as well as a few other apps I tried and didn't care for, then I went to bed with the phone plugged in to charge. This morning, within five hours of being unplugged and barely used, it was at 10%. So I [though I knew better] uninstalled Lookout from the Google Play menu.

    Now my phone won't use my 4gs for internet purposes. My phone, sms, and wifi connections are fine, but I know that Lookout used root and I wasn't just supposed to uninstall it without rooting and doing it properly (or... that's correct, right?). My question [finally ;)] is this: I have nothing to lose on the phone, so a complete reset/reinstall is fine by me. Should I try that, or should I reinstall Lookout via Google Play in hopes it doesn't go hot again, or do I need to try to muck around with root? The problem with the former option is that I haven't quite found how to reset/reinstall... I'm sure I can somewhere, but I wanted some advice first.

    Or, for another option, I've read great reviews about Avast. Would anyone suggest I go that route instead? I hadn't had any issues with Lookout, and the only questionable app I tried to download was quickly caught. But, if it's making my phone run hot and drain the battery like no other... I won't keep it.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    ok first off lookout is not a root required app so you are fine there by uninstalling the app. i have lookout on my phone (evo 4g lte) and it does not drain my phone like that. are you sure it is an app doing this? android for thw most part does a good job at keeping apps from using too much resource.

    a factory reset might help things. not really sure that is your issue though, which is just battery drain right? but it might help things settle down.

    and as far as avast goes.......that is up to you. i have never tried it so i can't answer that one, but i like lookout.

    edit: just curious, how is your signal overall? how long do you leave 3g on? or 4g? both are battery hogs.
  3. jgscott987

    jgscott987 Member

    Have you tried a reboot? sounds like you just have an app that's running haywire. That happens to me every couple of weeks. Restarting the phone clears it right up.
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  4. Asinine

    Asinine Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'd rebooted four times since I first noticed the issues. Usually that'd clear up my problems, but this time it didn't. I rebooted when I noticed the problem originally, then I uninstalled Gasbuddy and rebooted, then Amazon and reboot, and finally... I removed Lookout. And rebooted. And the phone got cool and okay. But I was at home on the wifi and didn't notice anything until we went to dinner and suddenly, my apps didn't work online anymore. Came back home, and now that they're on wifi, they worked fine.

    I figured Lookout had some sort of root option, since it is security-related, but I really have no idea how to test that (or fix it). So I copied a few files to my hard drive and did a factory reset. The phone is cold as ice (almost), but I have only put one app back on.

    My signals were always fine for what I needed; my house is a bit of a dead zone, but since I enable wifi while I'm here, it's never been an issue. I always leave my bluetooth option off unless I'm the driver, since we have that in our car, and I'm rarely driving. As I stated, the phone, until about 28 hours ago, could last just short of two days without a recharge. It didn't get warm [unless I was playing Jetpack Joyride, or some similar nonsense for 20 min+ or so] until last night, while it was just sitting idly.

    I'm going to start rebuilding what I'd had setup tomorrow. But if anyone else can offer any advice, suggestions, or options to check into, please let me know! I'll probably put Lookout on last, in hopes that the update it had fubar'd somewhere in the process...

    Edit: I waited at least 20-30 minutes between each reboot to see if the phone cooled off.
  5. ronbien

    ronbien Well-Known Member

    If you get gsam battery monitor app it may tell you what is eating the battery before a reset.
    Either way, Good Luck!
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