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Hot spot tethering

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by paidNfool, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I am going to be getting the Droid x or the droid 2, or probably both. X for me 2 for the wife. Anyway we have the HTC Eris right now and use pda.net as are way of accessing the net on our laptop. I am interested in these phones specifically for the ability to make a mobile hot spot out of them. I talked to Verizon about it and they want to charge me $10 per GB, when my plan is unlimited. I'd like to get around it if possible.

    I did do some searching before asking this question but I really didn't find much. I even read 1 of the threads it suggested and didn't really seem to get me there.

    Obviously there are apps, what I'm looking for is what ones are available. For the phones. Are there any that are free?


  2. PDAnet or easy tether will tether for free (assuming you have unlimited data plan) with usb. To tether wirelessly, you would need to pay verizon, or you can root your phone and install the Wireless Tether app. Search around in the All Things Root section for how-tos.

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