Hotfile taken down permanently


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Hotfile has been taken down for good and this isn't good news for Android rooters especially as Hotfile was (not without protest) the main host for Samsung stock Roms which as you can imagine ..are now all gone. :(

Sammobile better think of something fast.


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The more these sites allow people to post copyrighted material, the fewer of them they're going to be. If someone wants to be able to post files for download, they're going to have to start making sure that everything posted is in the public domain, the property of the person posting it or that the person posting it has written permission to do so.

And that's normally too much of a hassle for people who just want a script they can monetize, which is what most of these sites are.

I can easily put up a file sharing site (I must have about a dozen different scripts that would do it in 5 minutes), but I don't happen to have 80 million dollars lying around to pay the movie industry if I get sued, and I'm not going to spend 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, checking the legality of every file uploaded to the site.
BTW, were all the files posted by Sammobile legal? I'm thinking "probably not". (I know that we're getting into the area of "is anything added to Linux that's not in the public domain a violation of the Linux license?", but I don't have the financial backing to stand in front of the target to find out. Anyone out there want to take on that particular legal battle?)


The more these sites allow people to post copyrighted material, the fewer of them they're going to be.

"As a result of a United States federal court having found...."

By the looks of things, better not have any servers or business or anything in the US.


The community is going to have to start relying on PTP if this gets any worse.

Yeah, sites that host stock images are going to have to create dedicated torrent trackers to control content being exchanged on it and prevent copyrighted material.


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Sorry folks, should have used P2P, my brain's anagram generator was being rather literal.

It is a good idea for hosting sites to start trackers, as we have already seen though they are not entirely immune from takedown.