Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync Problem


Hello there. I've checked the other threads and none seem to address this problem. Basically, Hotmail is synching with my phone, but my phone won't synch with Hotmail.

I have set-up a Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync on my HTC Wildfire S. All of the emails sent to my Hotmail account appear on my phone in seconds. Problem is that after I've read them and/or deleted them, my phone doesn't update my Hotmail account. That means that after a few seconds my phone synchs with Hotmail and the deleted emails appear again as new, unopened emails.

I've been through the Hotmail settings and could only find something relating to POP. Even so, I set that to allow updates to my Hotmail account. I've searched the menus of my phone, but can't find any options about updating my Hotmail account. I know these options existed for POP accounts, but seemingly not for Exchange ActiveSync accounts.

Please help!

P.S. I noticed that if I moved an email to another folder on my phone then the email will have moved to that folder in my Hotmail account. It seems that there is a partial synch. It's just marking something as read and deleting something from the inbox that doesn't work. I've created a new folder in Hotmail called "Read" and can move emails to that on my phone to clear up inbox space. But that's a temporary solution. I'd rather not split up all of my emails.


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I just order the Wildfire S and should get it on Monday. Hopefully mine will be okay.

I have used the Hotmail app on my Optimus T and it seemed to work great. Maybe that will be the solution.