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Hotmail/Exchange Sync...eeek

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by skibum555, May 23, 2011.

  1. skibum555

    skibum555 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello there, I have a HTC Incredible S with OS 2.3.3.

    Using the Mail app with the phone I am trying to get my hotmail account to download all my folders (with all emails), delete emails from the server and show all my messages

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  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    Maybe you could try going into the "Account and Sync setting" on your phone, select the Hotmail account, go into the "Account Settings" and then see if changing the "Amount to Synchronize" has an effect.
  3. fstbusa

    fstbusa Member

    I'm not familiar with the HTC devices but I did it on my fascinate.

    Start to setup the email using the hotmail option or whatever and then use Manual mail setup

    domain: blank
    username: whatever@hotmail.com
    pass: yeah that
    Exchange server: m.hotmail.com

    after you have it setup you might have to go change the account settings on your HTC and tell it how much mail to DL. My default was 3 days but you can change it to "ALL".

    try these.... :cool:
  4. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    The folder selection option only chooses which folders to sync -- not how much email. If your app doesn't have a setting for how much email to sync then try another ActiveSync compatible email app.

    Right. POP doesn't support sync or folders. There's a single pool of email on the mail server that you retrieve mail from.

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