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Household security

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Deleted User, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Deleted User

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    Have you ever thought about how secure your house is? I was watching a 'police action' type programme yesterday, and these days, car theft is commonly done by breaking into the victim's house and stealing the keys. So in effect, the car is more secure than the house!
    Anyway, a common entry point is the patio door, which can have a poor lock, and in some cases may even be lifted out of the runner completely from the outside - probably using a spade obtained from your unsecured garden shed!
    But in one case, the thieves had somehow removed the lock barrel from the patio door, thus gaining access to the house. Looked like a very neat and quiet job, because the home owners were asleep upstairs, and didn't hear a thing.

    So this prompted me to immediately look at improving the security of my premises. After all, it's best to be prepared. Well we've now got a dog with a very loud bark, which could act as a deterrent to any would-be thieves.

    Do you take any special measures to protect your house? I've thought about an intruder alarm, but really, are they worth it?

    Btw, our dog is no guard dog, but sounds fierce :)

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  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
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    I lock all my doors always. No matter where i am. Screen doors, entryway doors, front doors all my doors are locked always.

    That's what locks are for.

    I worry about windows though. I'm on the first floor...
  3. olbriar


    I've never been overly protective of home and furnishings. A lock only keeps honest people honest. I do not live in a targeted area and my home is definitely not the gem on the block. If someone broke into my home.. they would say wow, maybe we should leave this poor guy something. :)
    My son keeps his home locked at all times. If over to visit and I step outside to smoke a pipe, I have to knock on the door to be let back in.
    My granddaughter's home was broken into last year. In the middle of the day when she and her husband were at work. They gained entry and helped themselves to jewelry and such. They tore up more than they stole.

    There is nothing wrong with being protective. I've never felt the need but we live in an evil world. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes.
  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    ^^^noise is my best defense. Thieves are going to get in regardless. My concern is if they try when me and my family are home. For that, I'm protected. Aside from that, they can have at my home as there is nothing worth much that can't be easily replaced.
  5. Deleted User

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    I think it's more the violation of your private home. The fact that some scumbag has broken in, and had free reign to rummage through your personal belongings. I just got to thinking like an opportunist thief. They want easy, quiet access to your home. I don't think you can prevent someone who is determined to get in, but you can sure put some stumbling blocks and deterrents in place for them.
    As I said though, as soon as an intruder got access to our place, the dog would bark like hell, and I'm sure that would be enough to make them leave.
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