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how accurate are location tracking apps

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Android Question, Feb 18, 2014.

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    i tracked my boyfriends samsung galaxy exhibit with my samsung g3 with sms tracker and also google location history and they bolth have tracked his phone at the same address ( at different times) but he swears he hasnt ever been there. is this possible? please help


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    If GPS is on, within 30-90 feet (depending on atmospheric conditions at the time). It could easily show him across the street from where he is. (It could be as close as 10 feet, but GPS isn't guaranteed to be that accurate. Watch your GPS when you're in the right lane of a 3 lane highway and it's showing you on the service road on the other side, about 8 lanes over.)

    If GPS is off? Hundreds of feet at least - it depends on how many cell towers there are in the vicinity.

    That's maximum accuracy. That isn't saying that he wasn't exactly where the tracking app (or site) said he was. But it's nowhere near as certain as you see on TV - that's make-believe. Saying that the accuracy is plus or minus 500 feet doesn't mean he was 500 feet from where it said he was - he could have been 3 inches from where it said he was. Or he could have been 500 feet from there.

    Is it possible that Google Location said he was at Point A and he was actually at Point B? If Point A is New York City and Point B is Atlanta Georgia, no. If he claims he was next door to where it showed him being? Sure. At this moment (I just looked), Android Device Manager shows my phone to be about 6 houses up the block from mine - but it's sitting right here in my house. (GPS is off.) It's claiming it's accurate to 20 meters (about 66 feet), but it's a little more than 5 times that far off.

    So - he claims he was next door? Or in the next town? That would make a big difference.
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