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How accurate is "time without signal"? Think something is wrong with mine

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mjgunn, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. mjgunn

    mjgunn Active Member
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    Jul 19, 2010
    Edit: Well, it looks like I found what the problem was. Apparently the time without signal being stuck at 50% is a known android bug that a lot of phones have. Tried the fix posted at the bottom of this thread


    and it seems to be working for me, phones been on for 10 minutes and my time without signal is reporting at 0%

    Original Post.

    Am I just not understanding what it means? I looked at the cell standby information about an hour ago, and I panicked when I saw that it said the phone had been on for 1d 5 hours since I turned it on, and the time without signal was 50%.

    I rebooted the phone to get a fresh reading tomorrow before running back to the at&t store to get my money back, and after the phone had been on for a few minutes I went to check the info again, and saw that the phone had been on for 8 minutes, and the time without signal was 50%. Now service isn't amazing in my house but I generally get 3 bars at my desk, with it fluctuating between 2-4. If I pick it up and hold it, it'll drop to 1-2, sometimes losing signal completely very briefly (thank you antenna design). But, the phone had been sitting on my desk untouched, so it seemed really strange to me that it would have been without service 4 minutes out of the 8 it had been on.

    Went into my display settings and set the display to stay on for 30 minutes, and have been sitting in the phone status screen now watching the bars (going between 3-4 now for the time I've been watching it) and the signal strength (going between -97 dBm 8 asu to -81 dBm 16 asu). I haven't been sitting here staring at it, but I've been glancing at it often enough that I feel confident in saying that the phone has not lost signal in the last hour. However I can go into the cell standby details screen right now, and it's reporting the Time on as 1 hour 9 minutes, and time without signal.....50%. Am I missing something, is it trying to say that it's been without signal for 30 minutes of the last hour, or am I misunderstanding what "time without signal" means (though it seems pretty straightforward).

    Anyone else noticing this on their phone?


  2. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Yeah, mine says 1%. Good so far I suppose. :)

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