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How and Why do web videos begin playing while i am on a call?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fbc, Apr 22, 2019.

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    One night, I said bye and hung up, or I thought I did and gently dropped my phone on the bed. Before the other person hung up, i heard something I figured was on their end. My screen was still on with the call timer running and when the other person hung up, the sound or video stopped. Heard nothing, saw nothing.

    I pulled up my open windows/tabs and the second one back was a video website paused. Is it possible that it started playing when i swiped the phone but didn't hang up? If so, why would it play behind the call screen and stop playing when the other caller hung up on their end?

    Seemed strange or impossible to me until the other day, a Youtube video I had paused earlier maybe just started playing while I had the phone up to my ear holding a conversation.

    My google activity page says "used com.motorola.launcher3" that seems to be close to around the time that call ended. Would that make sense?

    Can anyone please help me understand this? Thanks so much. Cheers!

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