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How are fonts made for themes?

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by opes, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. opes

    opes Member
    Thread Starter

    I've seen other themes, and I like to make a set of fonts for my own phone. I'm having a hard time finding some, so i figured I'd learn how.

    I'm looking for something like this, for example:


    I know they can be pushed from adb to your /system/fonts directory.
    Basically you find the font you like, have at least 2 of them named Droidsanserif.tff and droidserif.tff.
    You push them from your pc via adb to /system/font dir

    They can sometimes be pulled out of themes, but I want to know how these theme builders are actually making them.

  2. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    I doubt that they actually make all of them. There are 1000s of different fonts for download for free online. Probably just grab one of those, rename them to the correct droid name and be done with it. Check out this site: How to Create your own TrueType Font for Free ~ Chris Pirillo Maybe it will give you some ideas. Hope this helps...

    PS. If you are rooted, there is an app called TypeFresh that will help you change your fonts already on your rom.
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  3. opes

    opes Member
    Thread Starter

    bitchin. Thanks for the info. Yeah I'm rooted w/2.2 frankenrom. Need to find some fonts that are actually free!

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