David Ralph

Mar 25, 2018
Advice appreciated please.
After using the UK "The Times" app for years but had become expensive I chose their European option which was much cheaper, easily cancellable, but required payment only via Google Pay.
Have been using it for a year, but decided to change to a new UK subscription. Google Pay sub was cancelled.

I uninstalled the app (after deleting cache and data) but on downloading the app again from Play Store, I find that the original account data is still there, showing the Google Pay sub information.
And as the app opens it shows "checking Play Store purchases"! And it does seem that this may be the core of the problem, since normally one subscribes direct to the Newspaper.
There is no "logout" option.
Have tried several times, but can't get a pristine app.

How can an uninstalled app contain the original user data when re downloaded? From where is it picking up the information?

I have asked The Times for their help, but in the short term 4 days) they have been unable to come up with a solution.

I have the same issue across 4 different Android devices, phones and tablets.

Advice appreciated please.