Dec 9, 2020
Hi, I have a Galaxy A70 and while I like the phone I absolutely hate touch screens for typing. When I absolutely must that's fine but when I get into a conversation on apps like kik with no pc equivalent I get frustrated by how I keep hitting the wrong keys (Fat clumsy thumbs)

Is there a way for a window to be open on my PC to functionally be a stream of my phone? Like I could control the phone (switch apps, navigate files, text, use apps etc) but from my pc? I know about emulators and have tried some but the problem is my pc isn't very strong so I am mostly looking for something to serve as an interface while my phone's hardware is what does the actual processing.

Also would this be done via wifi, Bluetooth, Usb? Will using Wifi keep me from using my internet? (I tried setting PCs on a network before using wifi and couldn't be on the internet at the same time),

If via bluetooth will I be able to use my bluetooth headphones on my PC at the same time?

If it's done through USB will a cable from an older android phone work? (The one that came with this one doesn't detach from the wall plug) The cable I have was for a galaxy SM-J327W (according to google play)

Thanks for any help and sorry for anything silly I said or any missing info. I generally don't do much on my phone other than phone calls, occasional texting, and klondike solitaire so this is completely new to me, I don't even know how to properly phrase it and google's just confused me more. So please don't say "Just google it lol" or "It took me 5 minutes on google...". Thanks for your time!

Windows version: 10
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Thanks a couple of them seem interesting (while many are discontinued) but they all require a USB connection (except teamviewer) Do you know of any that don't require USB connection and ideally wouldn't need to send data on the internet to communicate? Like bluetooth or something local.