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How can I disable End call tone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nka, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. nka

    nka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When the ringer is set to anything other than silent or vibrate, each time you press the End call button, you here a tone. I would prefer not to hear a tone. Does anyone know how I can disable this? Thanks for the help.

  2. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    This seems to be a common complaint, and I finally figured out it was not my car's bluetooth, but my DX making the tone sound.

    I've found no solution at any sitr so far. My short term fix is to turn down the volume when I am about to hang up a call, or I just created a special profile for using the car that silences the ringer, but I did leave the vibrate on, just in case I forget to reset the profile when I leave the car.
  3. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    You do realize that the original post was almost 2 years old?

    Not making fun of you, genuinely asking you a question.
  4. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    Well, I had NOT realized the age of the thread until you mentioned it.

    Interesting that after all this time no one has a sokution to a problem. Usually, a "fix " is posted in a day or so.

    Thanks for the heads up. I guess this problem is here to stay.
  5. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Yeah, and it's compounded by my Truck, which makes its own noise for ending a call (and initiating a call, an incoming calls, ....)
  6. chileboy

    chileboy Lurker

    Same here with my in-car system - I usually leave my phone on silent (vibrate-only) but the phone seems to ignore that when connected via BT, and the "beep" from when ending a call can be jarring...I don't believe it's the car because I didn't have the issue with my old Eris.
  7. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    The sound is ABSOLUTELY coming from the phone. I used Root Explorer to navigate the phone to see if I could locate the file for the tone. My plan was to substitute an empty file, or a less offensive tone for the end of call tone.

    No luck, but there are smarter people out here that should be able to locate the tone file. It appears to be the same tone we hear when we raise and lower the volume.

    So, how about it - anyone smart out there know where the d@mn tone is so we can kill it?

    Also, Google has a link that seems to imply that the tone might be controlled by a system setting, or BuildProp:

  8. RRGMedia

    RRGMedia Lurker

    On Gingerbread it should be:

    Settings > Call > Call Alert > Call Status Tones

  9. gabib77

    gabib77 Newbie

    any chance to disable this tone on Android 2.2? I don't have Settings > Call > Call Alert > Call Status Tones, nor any other setting in Call settings :(
  10. anarion

    anarion Lurker

    I have same problem and I use also Android 2.2. Is there any solution to turn off the end call sound?
  11. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    The only solution is to wait for ICS - which I am told provides a solution.
  12. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

  13. orinol

    orinol Lurker


    I've managed to remove the end call tone without any brick problem.
    I've followed this steps:

    1. install universal androot on cell phone
    2. root the phone
    3. install root explorer on cell phone
    4. made a copy of the phone.apk in /system/app for the card
    5. with root explorer remove the permissions for the file phone.apk in /system/app
    6. move the file phone.apk downloaded from xda-developers to the folder /system/app
    7. after step 6 wait until phone came back to initial screen, then reboot it
    8. with root explorer go to /system/app and change file permissions of phone.apk back to rw-r--r--
    9. reboot phone again
    10. all done, no more end tone...
  14. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    What phone are you using? There are so many Android phones out there, and some of course, like Motorola, have a bunch of changes. I would LOVE to get ride of the tone, but don't want to create a bigger problem.

    Glad it worked for you. Please post about your experience.
  15. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    As suspected, it will make a difference what phone you are using. On my Droid Razr Maxx using Root Explorer in /system/app the phone.apk file is not found. Motorola may have changed the name, who knows.

    I wish there was a solution for this, but so far waiting seems to be the only option for many, but in thinking about it, as long as you have a backup of phone.apk, and your phone actually uses that file, this may be a valid option. Good luck.
  16. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    The problem has been FIXED - for some users. The Droid Razr and Razr Maxxx are getting a bug fix in the next few days. The Soak test has started, and one of the issues being fixed is the loud bluetooth hang up tone!

    I switched to a Maxxx a while back, so I am happy to wait patiently for ICS.

    Read abiut it here: Soak Test for DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Begins Tomorrow Morning, Build 6.12.181 and is Not Ice Cream Sandwich – Droid Life
  17. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

  18. IBN921

    IBN921 Lurker


    I have read your posting. I know not how to do 90% of what you have posted with respct to finally ending my year long misery with this end of call tone. Is it unethical for me to offer to pay you and or make a donation to your favorite charity in exchange for a conversation with you where you walk me through this step by step. Please let me know.

  19. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    The process quoted DOES NOT work on a Motorla phone. So, your ONLY options would appear be to upgrade the phone to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version, or get a new phone.

    I can confirm that a Droid Razr with ICS does NOT have the tone. If you find ICS for Droid X, you could upgrade and get rid of it that way - plus it is a very cool OS.

    Or, consider a new phone. Sounds like you have had the X for 2 years. Get a Razr Maxx - great battery life, and they are cheap if you are renewing. Plus, if you renew by the 28th you avoid the new data plan.
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  20. IBN921

    IBN921 Lurker

    I am going to take your advice and swith to another unit. I rooted my X2 and am having a blast with it. The new program (ROM) does not allow me to murder the end of call tone. I will eventually have a phone, be it on AT & T or another carrier, that does not have this idiotic tone. The ROM I am using now does not have the idiotic end of call tone when a call drops, which is what it is intended for. It does have the idiotic tone when I disconnect from any call manually. LOL!:smokingsomb:
  21. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Member

    I spoke to soon about the ICS version of the MAXX not having the tone. It does, when you hang up, but does not when your caller hangs up. How idiotic is that?

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