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How can I extract conversations from my inbox and saved from the app Call Recorder? Urgent

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Fast2020, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Fast2020

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    Hello, how can I extract conversations from my inbox and saved section in the app Call Recorder to my computer? I have tried to connect the app to my computer and then searched up the phone numbers that are recorded. However, then I was only able to extract some of the conversations from the app, but not all of them. Thank you in advance for answering.

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  2. RunrunHibi

    RunrunHibi Newbie

    There are a lot of apps that has a name "Call Recorder" from Play Store, you should be more specific. And you should try the developer website first for instructions.
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Depending on the particular call recording app you're using. See if there's any folders called Call Recorder, Recorder, Recordings, Calls, Rec or similar, either in internal storage or on the SD(if one is fitted in your phone)
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Call Recorder

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***A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.*** Call Recorder is an application that allows you to record your outgoing telephone calls. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone and your phone only. Unlike other call recording apps your recordings are private and are not saved on a third party server. You can use Call Recorder to make and record national or international calls from any Android device including tablets. Call Recorder is very easy to use: just like your phone dialer, you just make a call from the app and it will be recorded. Your recorded calls can be: - Played on the phone. - Sent via email. - Transferred to your phone (.wav format). - Deleted. You can also set a title for each recording. Features of this app : - Record your all calls automatically while calling or ask every-time to record new call. - Search call by name or phone number. - Organize your call records. You can see calls as all calls records, only incoming, only outgoing, date and time easily. - Share recording to Bluetooth, Message etc. - Play, save and delete, call recordings - Ignore recording for specific contact or phone number - Add caller phone number to contacts - See caller history - Record your call or calls in MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or 3GPP encoding / format. - You can play back, or save your files on your SD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or 3gpp format. - Audio Source options for both incoming calls and outgoing calls are also available. Try to change audio source only when default audio source does not work or does not records calls. - Different options of audio quality are available. You can choose 44.1kHz (It might not work on some devices) for high quality or select lower sample rate for low quality audio recording. 8kHz is recommended for call recording. - Notification with caller image. - Vibrate device on start of call recording. - Notification on device on start of call recording with blinking light (if your device supports it). - You can listen your communication or calls recordings in your on device default audio player. - Automatically on device speaker to record better quality voice. - It’s FREE! How Call Recorder works : - Open the Call Recorder Android app it will now run in the background to increase productivity by enabling easy access. - Make or receive a call and it will begin recording once the call connects - Select the app to access the list of previously recorded calls and play them. Notes: (Instructions + Troubleshooting tips) 1. Please note that some devices are not compatible or not allow to record calls. 2. Please confirm that your device should not have more than one call recording application, otherwise it can create issues. 3. If call recorder does not record calls, please restart your device to try again. If it does not record again then your device might not support call recording. 4. Some devices record low voice of other party, in this problem, please enable automatic speaker, on start of call recording by going application and then more settings. 5. This app might not be working when you are using other apps to record something, such as wechat, LINE: Free Calls & Messages, voice recorder or other call recorder. 6. You can select WAV, 3GPP, MP4 or AMR audio encoding format, if MP3 recording not working properly on some devices. 7. If you get error "msg_create_file_error", then please test, Have your device been with sdcard or memory card? If not, please change recordings destination path to any other path by going into more settings and recording path and change it correctly. 8. If you get "Sorry recording starting failed", please try other recording options like change Audio source or sample rate.

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