How can I get Adobe Flash?


I have a Motorola Xoom and installed Adobe Flash for it. My fiancee recently ordered a Google Nexus 7 but I read the article about how Adobe Flash was going to be removed from the Google Play store but unfortunately the day it was removed was just one day before her tablet was going to arrive.
My question is one of her favorite websites is heavily flash based. One thing that made her get Android is the fact that the iPad didn't have flash. Since it's her own tablet she is using her own Google Play account so I assume that she is not able to get items that I have in my own Google Play account.

Is there any way for her to get flash?
Are there 3rd party apps available other than Adobe Flash for her to play flash?
Is there a way for her to get the actual Adobe Flash? Since I have the Adobe Flash app app on my Xoom is there a way I can copy it to her Nexus 7? If so, how would I do that?
Are there any other app stores or websites other than Google Play that would allow this app to be downloaded?

Thank you for your help.


The Doctor
Install App Backup and Restore onto your Xoom. It will let you retrieve the apk for Adobe Flash without having to root. Then send the apk to her tablet and install it.


Android Enthusiast
I was looking for the same information, so it was great to read this here. After reading it, but I started my Tab. There in the notifications area it said that the Flash apk had downloaded. I wonder if they are sending out the app file in anticipation of its removal from the store. If a lot of people got the download, it should be easy to get the file.