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How can I keep a location history of my bluetooth devices?

Discussion in 'Wear Os' started by dorlow, Oct 3, 2020.

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    Ok, I can't figure out how I did this. Less than a week ago, I bought a $150 Jabra bluetooth hands free set. It's the kind that just goes on one ear and has a small boom out of it. It worked great. My last headset no one could hear me. This one was working perfect. I was wearing it today when I went to the store. After I got home, I don't know how it happened, but all the sudden I noticed it wasn't on my ear. I've looked everywhere and backtracked my steps. I can't find it. I would've felt if it fell off my ear. Everytime I take it off, I plug it in to charge.. I haven't yet (that I'm aware of...) just taken it off and intentionally left it in a spot not charging. I know you can't help me find it...

    I'm probably going to have to order a new one. Are there any apps I can install that would keep a location of my bluetooth devices so, when it disconnects because I misplaced it, my phone would track it on a map the last place it was connected? It would also be nice too if the headset was in range that it would tell me how close I was to it.

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    I'm not aware of such an app. And if a headset is within range, it's very much got to be less than 10 metres away from you.
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