How can I remove Slidescreen from starting - via DroidExplorer ?


Hi all

I had Slidescreen working fine for months but it's suddenly come up with a "slidescreeen process has stopped unexpectedly". When I click close, it comes back over and over with the same message so I can no longer get into the phone at all.

So is there some way I can remove slidescreen so the phone will to go back to the standard Launcher screen. I can access the phone fine via DroidExplorer.

I am running Android on a HTC Touch Pro2 running Android Froyo 2.2.2 on top of Windows Mobile.


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Well that right there is your problem. You're using a Windows Mobile phone...

In my personal experience of HTC's TouchPro, I used SPB Shell and still hated it. If you want the Android experience we all love to talk about I recommend getting an actual Android phone.

Windows Mobile (from my experience and others) has a lot of problems like Vista.

I dont recommend a lot of shells for Windows Mobile, but if you really want a nice one go with SPB Shell. It's free for Windows and runs pretty decently.

Best of luck.