How can i send private messge to a friend on facebook from my android application?


Im looking to send a private message to a facebook friends from my android application.From searching on google i got to know About Send dialog created by facebook But im unable to find any sample code for this purpose.

Plz can any body help me in this regard?


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If you go in to the Facebook app and touch the 3 lines (on the top left) it opens up a side menu. From here, you have the option to go to your page, then News Feed and next messages (which you should select). Your next action is to touch the "new message" logo (on the top right), which takes you in to the new message. You can put your friends name in the "To" box, the subject in the next box and the message in the following box.

There is also an app called Facebook Messanger that you can use to send messages.

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