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How Can I Stop Screen Turning Off During Call

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by phaze3131, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey, ok so this is first time I've been really annoyed at my phone. I am trying to just hang up on someone and I can't get the screen to turn on I'm pressing every button and it flashes for a second then off.

    How can I just keep the screen on during a call?

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  2. rumdood

    rumdood Newbie

    I haven't found a way to disable this, though I do like that all I have to do is shake the phone and it wakes up when you're on a call.
  3. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow this is irritating i'm just trying to send a text while I'm on it and it takes me 30 seconds just to get the screen to come on.
  4. acg2010

    acg2010 Lurker

    Its the proximity sensor - it should wake up once you pull it away from your face.
  5. Dmags

    Dmags Newbie

    I have noticed in the last few days that when I finish with a call that the screen stays black and I can't "End" the call. It has just been in the last few days. I have had the phone sence about the 11th of November. anyways I first thought it was a problem with my screen getting dirty and maybe what ever senses the phone is next to my face can't tell the phone has left my face (that sounded funny), so I tried to clean the screen, didn't help. But now that I have read the preceding post, i'm wondering if I'm not moving the phone away from my ear fast enough for the phone to sense i'm moving it?
    I am also starting to notice some touch screen problems, I'm having to push harder on the screen to get it to react then I did when I first got it.
    I just went through the process of "Factory data reset" I'll see if this solves any of these issues over the next few days.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. acg2010

    acg2010 Lurker

    It has nothing to do with speed - the proximity sensor is basically a sensor that when something is "covering" it closely enough it dims the display - it doesn't even have to be your face, you could put your finger over it and it would do the same thing. It's slow to react, but that's nothing to do with your not moving it away quickly enough. It could be one of two things - software or hardware (obviously). If it doesn't improve with the reset, you may have one with a crappy proximity sensor or something.
  7. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok I want to disable this sensor and just keep the damn screen on ya know?
  8. acg2010

    acg2010 Lurker

    Not sure you can disable it - I have never found a way on any phone that has one - iPhone, droid, or otherwise.
  9. Christine

    Christine Newbie

    I'm having this problem too. I bought the phone on the 6th and it's only started doing it in the past week. I finish a call, pull the phone away from my face, and the screen doesn't come back on. I have to push the unlock button once to lock it and a second time to unlock it.
  10. yukongt300ex

    yukongt300ex Newbie

    There is no way you would like it disabled. Your phone would always be muted or on speakerphone. There would be no way to hold it to your face without touching every button on the screen. And not to mention your battery would stay dead. That screen uses up way too much power to leave on. What we really need is for them to fix the bug/sensor problem so it will work like it is supposed to. Hopefully this will come in and update.
  11. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I don't hold the phone next to my face. I have my phone next to me all day plugged in so I don't care about battery while I'm sitting here working from home all day with my bluetooth device.

    So sorry but yea I want it disabled.
  12. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Wonder if it is the BT device that is causing this? Have you tried hanging up the call using your BT device?
  13. yukongt300ex

    yukongt300ex Newbie

    Oh now I see what you mean. I wonder if they could make an app do that
  14. eNons3nse

    eNons3nse Member

    I'm pretty sure the sensor involved here is a small light sensor in the upper right corner of the phone close to the LED that assumes the phone is pressed against your head when it senses total darkness. It's the same one that adjusts screen brightness for ambient light levels. You can see it if you look closely. Maybe it could be because there's not enough light around when you finish your call. I don't know. Just an idea.
  15. Juneau

    Juneau Well-Known Member

    So basically you want the phone screen on while plugged in...sort of. Just an idea for your situation but you can make the screen stay on while charging by going to settings>applications>development>stay awake. This will keep the screen on while you are at work and the phone is plugged in.
  16. nydrumboy

    nydrumboy Member

    I just sort of "toss" the phone away from my face at the end of a call with the flick of my wrist. Works most of the time to wake up the screen.
  17. rogue994

    rogue994 Member

    The sensor seems to be up by the earpiece at the top of the phone. I have found that waving my finger over the earpiece at the top of the phone usually 'wakes' up the screen after a call.
  18. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    The sensor for proximity is actually in the upper left corner....just to the left of the earpiece. You can make it out if you shine a bright light on it.

    I have the same problem with it locking up the screen. Some have reported they swapped for a new droid and solved the problem...thus blaming a faulty sensor. The theory is that the sensor is defective and changes in light (particularly in bright lighting) cause a problem. Anyway, if you slide open the keyboard it wakes up the screen. Certainly not ideal, but at least it lets you hang up.
  19. chefboyardee

    chefboyardee Well-Known Member

    in other threads i've seen people say as they pull the phone away from their face they slide the kbd out a very very very miniscule amount with their thumb (if it's on your left ear) and then close it (middle finger), and it wakes the phone up. i don't have the problem, so i haven't tested it, but wanted to add to the discussion :)

    edit: tim k beat me by a minute...darn!
  20. Fadelight

    Fadelight Android Expert

    Have you guys tried "Keepscreen"? It may or may not be able to keep the light on during calls.
  21. regulatre

    regulatre Newbie

    I use my pinkey to press the camera button if the screen doesn't come up during a call. It's easy because my hand's already there and I don't have to use my other hand. /$0.02.
  22. lhudrick

    lhudrick Lurker

    My wife was having the same problem on her Droid. It also occurred when I used her phone. I found that the sensor did not work when the rubberized protective shell was on the phone. I took it off and the sensor worled fine.

    I wonder if others having the same problem are using a protective cover?
  23. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Having a sensor issue is easy enough to figure out ... whether the sensor is defective, or you're covering it with your thumb, or even if a protective cover is in the way. But I finally experienced a call where I could NOT wake up the phone for nothing! It happened when I running a very experimental ROM (firmware release) and it force closed the call.service while I was on a call. In other words, the service that runs the phone app shut down. :eek: That was the only time my DROID ever failed during a call. I was able to finish the call, but the other party had to hang up. I then had to reboot to return to "normal" phone functionality. I dumped that ROM and my phone's been fine (again) ever since. I have a feeling that is what some people are describing. In this case, the firmware needs reflashed, IMO.
  24. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I wish there was an app for this... my wrist is starting to hurt
  25. wfconlon

    wfconlon Lurker

    I also have had a problem with the phone turning off but I found a quick remedy for it (at least till the software gets updated). Most of the time when I end a call and pull the Droid away from my head, it turns on and I can easily end the call, but the few times it doesn't turn on, I simply touch the ringer volume button and that does the trick!

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