Aug 17, 2012

I installed Cuki Theme yesterday in my android, and it blocked my mobile. the program keeps saying "force close" and when i force it, it wont close anyway. and it wont let me go in the menu, so that i could uninstall it.

any ideas?
Hello and welcome to AF, Vjori. :)

Have you tried resetting your device or hitting menu to see if you can go from there to switching to back?
Thank u! :)

As mentioned, the program wont let me go through the menu, it has blocked all applications and it keeps going like "force close"
Android come with safe mode where it boots with just the bare basic set of services. boot into the mode and uninstall the buggy theme.

chk over net to find how to get into safe mode for the specific model of your phone.
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Metroid prime, nope, i cant even get into settings.

test991991, cant do even that. the program won't allow me.
test991991, just had a quick look at how can i reboot my android.

hopefully this will work.

thanks anyway for your advice. :)
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