How can I use the Stock Browser at times when Dolphin is set to Default?


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I've set Dolphin to be my default browser that way when I open links from emails and such it'll use Dolphin. But at times I want to use the Stock Browser, i'll just open up "Internet" but when I get there and click on a link from within the Stock Browser, it'll open it up and move me to Dolphin.

I pretty much want to say "Hey, if I open up the Stock Browser, I want to use it but otherwise use Dolphin for everything else"
You can always go into settings/applpications/manage apps/ select dolphin and clear the "launch by default" setting so its asks you next time when you try to launch the regular browser which one you want to use.


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You have to manually clear the defaults for Dolphin every time you want to use stock. I eventually stopped using Dolphin for this very reason because it sees to have so many problems downloading .apks and .zips.