Apps How difficult would this project be?


Good day, everyone!

I am a novice Android developer. This semester I am taking a course where we have to develop a mobile and web application that uses a database. The idea of my team was to create a campus security application where someone who is being attacked can simply take out the app, press a clearly visible button, and that click would send an alert to nearby users with the app with the location of the incident, so that they can go help her or him.

As someone who doesn't know much about Android just yet, I am assuming that in order to save the location of the person being attacked, I need to implement Google Maps into the application. As for the alert system, a friend with much more experience told me that the new Google Cloud service will make it really easy to do.

For those of you with experience, how hard would a project like this be? The basic requirements would be to save the location using google maps, and to send the other nearby users the information of the person being attacked alongside the location saved earlier.

Any tips of ideas of where to start would be great.

Thank you all very much!

P.S. Also, is it hard in Android to be able to send the alerts only to people within a specific area? So for example is there a way to send the alerts to only the people that are on campus if I set the coordinates of the campus somewhere in the application?