How do I change the notification sound for receiving a new email?


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I'm using gmail and wanted to set a notification for gmail for when I receive a new email. I'm either having a brain fart or i'm just not seeing the option to change the email notification sound...

Can someone help me please?


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Nevermind, I found it lol, was having a brain fart... Mods, you can delete this thread if necessary...


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There doesn't seem to be a custom New Mail notification setting for new Exchange messages, is there? You can only set it to the default system notification sound which sucks (you could in Windows Mobile).


Go to your email press menu then settings look for notificationa and change notification sound
I do not have that option. Isn't that strange? With my email account open, I go to to menu and then "more " and then "settings" and then notifications, it only shows me options of on or off sounds or vibrate no choice of sounds.