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How do i check if the student 15% is applied to my account

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mistax, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. mistax

    mistax Member
    Thread Starter

    im on my newly made sprint account, and when i click on my discount it doesn't show anything and just brings me to the student rate store?

  2. saigon

    saigon Member

    I think you're gonna have to wait until the bill comes out and see it on there. I'm waiting as well.
  3. neoanderz

    neoanderz Newbie

    How come when I went to the Sprint store they told me the student discount is only 10%, but I keep seeing online people are saying 15%? Is anyone else stuck at a 10% student discount?
  4. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    A lot of the discounts can take 2-3 months to take effect.
  5. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    when you reach the Sprint website via studentrate store, did you fill out all the necessary information like your account info?

    The discount took me only 1 bill cycle to take effect, basically sprint recognizes this discount as a company discount and applied so. Since this is a online only deal, don't expect sprint reps to know about it if you decide to call into check. It will not show up on the bill as "student discount" but rather Employee Discount 15%

    Here's a sample of my bill from last month I posted earlier in the forums:

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