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How do I clean this thing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SUPERSPORT, Dec 25, 2009.


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    I just went through the manual online. Didn't see a darn thing about how to clean my Eris. What's safe to use on the screen?

    Of course family came over and wanted to man-handle our new phones. The screens are covered in goo now. How the heck do I clean this thing?

  2. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    Your shirt.
    It'll be okay, I promise.

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    I want to sanitize it not just smear the crap around.
  4. jinxjx

    jinxjx Newbie

    with alittle bit of denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol.. use a piece of cotton tee shirt. dry with clean dry piece.
  5. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    Microfiber cloth, like you buy at sunglass hut.

    I bought one at Radio Shack that is attached by a cord to a little case, so it can stay in the car and stay clean.

    Needs no water or cleaner, cleans up fingerprints and oils wonderfully.
  6. thelion

    thelion Member

    A wrung out Lysol wipe.

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