Help How do I connect my phone to home wi-fi network?


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I have my Desire connected wirelessly to my home broadband router but I can get it to see or be seen by my home PC and/or netbook on the same network!

Am I missing something or is this not possible?



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What is it you want to do? You can browse your home network (map a network drive) on the phone using estrongs es file explorer.


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Thanks for the reply - I did a search (like I should have done before posting!) and found estrong - I can browse through the shard folders on the various PC's - works a treat!

The only thing I cant figure out is how to browse my phone's memory using the PC/netbook - can this be done? (at the moment it doenst even show up as a device connected to the network!)

Thanks again......


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I can ping my phone but cannot map a drive. I found an app called on air, which allows you to use ftp or http but with http it just listed contents. There was something called wifi file explorer which I am about to try

EDIT> seems alright. Its web browser based.

Run app on phone, type address into browser. You have an interface to download or upload files to SD>


Just been messing round with es file explorer and managed to browse my pc's D drive which is cool but is there a way of adding a short cut link to my phones home screen to direct me to a network location without having to navigate there every time?


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I don't know of anyway to add a shortcut to your home screen, however, the next best solution is as follows. In ES enable tabs by pressing the menu key and press "Show Tabs". This will enable 3 tabs at the top of the screen, i.e. Local, LAN and FTP. click on LAN followed by menu key, followed by +new; then press scan and your device should list all IP adresses/devices it finds on your wireless network. Once ES has fouind all devices simply press and hold an IP address of your choice and press rename from the pop-up menu - that is if you prefer names rather than IP numbers. I'd recommend also to assign or reserve permanent IP addresses for known devices on your network through your router, otherwise, if your router assigns new IP addresses you have to go through the "scan" prcoedure each time the router changes them (assuming your router is the DHCP server on your network). After that all is very simple, open ES press LAN tab and click on the devices you have assigned previously. Job done.


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I was using ES for this purposes, but as heat57 already pointed out, this can be a bit troublesome with DHCP enabled routers and multiple Wifi devices at home.
In addition, the browser interface on PC is much comfortable than the small ES UI on the phone.
So, I've started to use Remote Desktop apps (different ones) to brows and exchange files between the phone and PC. Works very nicely.