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How do I delete empty home screens?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by theguru14, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. theguru14

    theguru14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do I delete empty home screens?

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  2. Shupomrayhan

    Shupomrayhan Newbie

    Easy. You can try pressing the home button and see if it gives you an overview. If it does, then press the - button located near the screen u wanna delete.

    Or, you could press menu> edit. This will give you an overview.

    Or, you could pinch inwards.
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  3. theguru14

    theguru14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    None of those work.

    If you tap the icon with the house which is the home button it just takes me to middle of the 5 home screens I have. The 2 on the left and right are empty.

    When I tap menu these are my options--> Add, Wallpaper, Theme and Settings

    If you mean pinching 2 fingers together on the screen until both fingers touch then that does not work either.

  4. theguru14

    theguru14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Nobody has an answer? :(
  5. peterb23

    peterb23 Member

    I'm not sure if you can delete unwanted home screens with the stock launcher.

    You could always replace it with an alternative launcher one like Nova or Apex which do give you this option.
  6. theguru14

    theguru14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well that sucks.:( The launchers you listed below what do they actually do. What major/important/usefull changes do they do to the phone? I ask because this is my mothers phone and I do not want change to much since her english is not good and is not tech savvy.

  7. badassballer

    badassballer Member

    The launchers that the dude has recommended are viable replacements for the stock launcher that comes with the phone - that is the best thing about android - you can customize it as you please - if you download and replace the stock launchers with either one of the ones mentioned here or some others, you will have the option of being able to edit the homescreens as you please and delete the homescreens that you do not want - there isnt much complication to it so i am sure your mom will have no trouble with it as long as you download the launchers etc - besides if you dont like the replacements, you can always uninstall them and you'll be back at the stock launcher -
    Each launcher has its own advantages etc and you can read about what each launcher offers in the description for it when you go to download them from the google play store -
  8. theguru14

    theguru14 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the help. I will try a different launcher. I have another issue now. On Tango how can I switch cameras?

  9. peterb23

    peterb23 Member

    The ARC S only has one camera - on the back.
  10. EB71

    EB71 Lurker

    I just got my first android device (Galaxy Note tablet) and had the same question on getting rid of empty screens. The pinch gesture worked great. Thanks!
  11. in jellybean you have to touch the screen with 2fingers , then move them up quickly.
    now you can see pages and you can delete them.
  12. CyberWinter

    CyberWinter Member

    I couldn't figure this out on my Galaxy S3 using Google Experience Launcher. I added a large widget to the screen that was blank and then when I tried removing the widget, it also removed that pesky home screen finally. Hope this helps others.
  13. On a LG L39C running Jelly Bean you need to 1.)turn off screen swipe effects, 2.)remove the content from the home screen you want to remove, 3.)hit the home button so you are on the current default home screen. 4.)Use two fingers to pinch the screen, this will display all active home screens in small icons, plus the add new, if you still have any unused. 5.)Hold the EMPTY screen you want to remove and 6.)drag it to the top of the screen to the "Remove" drop zone. 7.)Let go and its gone. The important part here is make sure the screen is empty and the Screen Swipe Effect is set to Basic, or it will not work in Jelly Bean 4.1.+. You can then go back to whatever swipe effect you want.
  14. braddie

    braddie Lurker

    Problem with forums is sometimes people "assume" certain steps. I'm new to the Galaxy Note 4 and just learning my way around it too. I also had the requirement to delete empty screens. So the process is:-
    1) unlock and get to your normal home screen
    2) as mentioned above in the thread a number of times use 2 fingers and "pinch" the screen. This will shrink and show all your pages so you can scroll left and right to the page you want to delete. it will also show the "bin" icon at the top of the page
    3) once you have located the the page to delete you need to hold you finger on it for a few seconds, the page will grow a little and while you still have your finger on it move it up to the bin. It will tuyrn red to warn you it's about to be deleted.
    Worked fine for me.
  15. lrichles

    lrichles Lurker

    When you pinch the screen from the sides inward all your screens will appear, then press and hold the one you want to eliminate and drag it to the trash can.

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