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How do I delete my search history on my google widget?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by CitationNeeded, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. CitationNeeded

    Thread Starter

    I have a samsung moment and I can't for the life of me figure out how to delete my search history in the google widget. I've tried deleting the cache and cookies and form data, but it doesn't clear it!

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  2. Okay, go on the browser and then push menu. Select more and go to the last option ,settings, scroll down to Privacy settings and click clear history!! There you go! happened to me to.
  3. CitationNeeded

    Thread Starter

    Clearing history doesn't work. =/
  4. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

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  5. CitationNeeded

    Thread Starter

    That's actually a great app. Alas, it still doesn't delete my search history on my google widget. =[
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Contact the dev and request that she/he have that feature :)
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  7. silverrocket

    silverrocket Newbie

    Ok if you mean the drop down history that shows up. If you bring up search then click the g icon and change to web. Then hit menu button and select google search it will let you deselect personal history
  8. CitationNeeded

    Thread Starter

    Yeah, it's the drop down history that shows recent searches. I don't know what G icon you're talking about, but I did go to the google page and go to settings and clear settings and set it to not save my searches. But no luck. Of course. :mad:
  9. syst3merror

    syst3merror Newbie

    can you go into settings>applications>and find the widget and clear cache in there? I don't have my droid so I can't check.
  10. CitationNeeded

    Thread Starter

    That seemed like it would work! I found the google search widget, but I couldn't clear the cache. There was a button to, but it wasn't clickable.
  11. brad22353

    brad22353 Lurker

    this worked on mine... when in Google Search hit the menu button, then hit search settings, then clear shortcuts.. on operating system 2.2
  12. hobnobdude

    hobnobdude Lurker

    lol! you've been looking at some filth and dont want your missus/friends to notice eh :D
  13. vikesfanjay

    vikesfanjay Lurker

    I was able to do it on my Samsung Moment. From the home screen click on menu/settings, scroll down to search and click "Clear search shortcuts"

    That's it, it should be clear
  14. CazHatesBP

    CazHatesBP Lurker

    Go to "Settings"

    Click on "Search"

    Click on "Clear search shortcuts"

    This should be done regularly to speed up your search functionality, when it stores the history it has to load it everytime you launch search.
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  15. rudy711

    rudy711 Lurker

    i had the same troubles and i found the solution,
    SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE APPLICATIONS>GOOGLE SEARCH (which is what you want to clear)> and just press clear data! :cool:
  16. I think you can go to settings to clean the data
  17. chrisj1226

    chrisj1226 Lurker

    "this worked on mine... when in Google Search hitthemenu button,then hitsearch settings,then clear shortcuts.. on operating system 2.2"

    This worked for me on 2.3.5 Thank you
  18. cliftonburton

    cliftonburton Lurker

    to erase the list of searches you've performed in google on your samsung android, do the following:

    1. click on the google textbox
    2. click on the menu button (far left)
    3. select search settings
    4. select Clear shortcuts
  19. jcal22999

    jcal22999 Lurker

    Good looking out on the info Caz.

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