how do i disable call waiting?


I have looked through all the settings that I could find and I have not been able to find the setting to disable call waiting. Does anyone know how to do that? Is it even possible?
I personally prefer to have call waiting off. I do not want incoming calls bothering me if I'm already on the phone.


Jon Nale

Android Enthusiast
I have this same question as well.

I am applying for jobs, and it is so annoying when I am on a phone interview, and right in the middle of an answer to a question, a friend calls me. From talking to other people, I know that when the phone "beeps" (for the other call), it cuts out your mic for a second.

I would just like to disable call waiting for my interviews.

Jon Nale

Android Enthusiast
Call a rep. Its a feature of your calling plan they would remove in the system

Yeah, but this is annoying (at least in my case). I only want call waiting off when I am doing a phone interview. I was hoping there was another way to do it so I could turn it off for 30 min, then turn it back on.

I rather deal with putting up with people calling during my interview than having to call Verizon, cancel call waiting, do my interview, then call back and put it back on my plan.