Help How do I disable google assistant?


It keeps bothering me. The phone is sitting on my desk and it pops up interrupting whatever I'm doing on my phone. I'm thinking I could root the phone and delete something
Any ideas?


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Yes, you may disable the Google Assistant without rooting your device.

1. On your Android phone, touch and hold the Home button or say "Ok Google".

2. At the top right, tap Explore More Settings Assistant.

3. Under "Assistant devices," select your phone.

4. Turn off Google Assistant.


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When you've done this, revisit your Google account's settings and check that you are happy with them. When you turn Assistant on it enables every type of data logging and history collection that Google can perform, but when you turn it off it does not revert to your previous settings. So after turning it off you may want to review things and check that you are happy with what they are keeping.


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I might add that if you don't use Google search bars (I figure I can use a browser for search, why would I want widget cluttering my desktop) or voice search in Maps you can disable Assistant as well as turning it off by disabling the Google app. The reason I did this was that if my finger lingered on the wrong button for too long I would get a prompt to turn Assistant on, and disabling that app was the way to get rid of those prompts.

(Now if only there was a way of getting rid of those dishonest pop-ups asking me to "turn on device location" that some apps produce - dishonest because I do have location on, what that prompt does is turn on the wireless network part of the location service, which allows Google to collect more information. But if you click OK it just does this silently, and doesn't show the privacy notice that you see if you turn "Google location accuracy" on via the Settings. In my book that is doubly dishonest.)