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Support How do I do the following...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by herkulease, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. herkulease

    herkulease Guest
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    finally got my droid x today. verizon was correct it did ship by the 23. it shipped on the 23rd and I had to today.

    anyhow I realize these may be obvious to some people but I have yet to find it. This is my 1st venture with android.

    1. Can I use the txt message icon/function and still go through google voice?

    I already set google voice as my default txt messaging app.
    But I am not sure. when I compose by going to my contact and hitting txt icon. I can see the little google voice logo. to the left of "compose"

    but when I hit the default txt message icon and select my contact.

    There's no logo to be found. I just get the contact name in the To box.

    2. For POP3 mail, the "never delete email" is that meant for never delete on phone or never delete off mail server? I'm assuming never delete off mail server but I want to be sure.

    3. is there any way to turn off the wifi and 3g data but leave on the voice. Airplane mode just turns off everything. and allows me to turn on wifi(which is great in 2 years when I can switch to another phone and maybe just use the droid x as a pda or something)

    4. Flash or rather flash lite? Does it come by default? Or am I thinking 2.2? I swear when I was at the verizon store playing with their demo I was able to load up speakeasy.net or even speedtest.net. But when I'm doing it says I don't have flash.

    That's all. Any help will do.


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