Sep 2, 2011
When i checked my battery usage for samsung galay gio cell standby was at like 45 percent. Why is it so high?

Also I am using pay as go and I activated the phone today. I got $15 credit free. I got like 35texts which eaxh cost twenty cents an now my credit is at $2.05! My friend turned of somerhing called "data backing" or syncing or something like that yesterday because apparently ir takkes data even if ur not using it. Aftet checking my balance I went to setting then sync and found it on again?!? How doi turn it of wihout it going bak on?

Also i held the power and select button at the same time then an error came. I was following a vid on utube on how to root... The guy went to upload from sd card so i did samd. But after that step everythinf was different. Y wer his installation options different if where both running android 2.3.4?

Since our installation options wer differenr I went bak and to get out of the weird screen i hit test fp. Is that a bad thing to do? Did doing that change something on my phone?

Lastly how do I root my phone the right way?