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How do I free up "App Storage?"

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by wittier, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. wittier

    wittier Lurker
    Thread Starter

    HTC EVO 4G LTE it's not rooted

    Android Settings / Storage

    It shows 3 areas where data is stored:

    App Storage: 5.83 GB / 6.07 GB
    • Apps 1.82 GB
    • Other 4.01 GB
    • Available 248 MB (very low, and the reason for this post)

    Phone Storage: 444 MB / 9.93 GB
    • Apps 406 MB
    • Music 8.89 MB
    • Photos & Videos 15.63 MB
    • Downloads 3.29 MB
    • Other 7.41 MB
    • Available 9.50 GB (lots of room)

    SD Storage: 4.89 GB / 29.57 GB
    • Available 24.68 GB (lots of room)

    I'm frequently warned about running out of space. Obviously this must be due to the small amount left in "App Storage" because the other two areas have many GBs free.

    I use CleanMaster to clean junk daily.

    I guess App storage is a finite space pre-defined on the phone. How can I see what "Other 4.01 GB" within App Storage is? Is it Android overhead?

    I have moved every app that I can. It's confusing to me where the apps get moved to. I'd rather that they go to SD if they can.

    I've moved all the photos over to SD. The music is currently on Phone Storage, but there is a lot of free space in Phone Storage.

    I need to know how to make more room in App Storage.

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  2. D1358531

    D1358531 Well-Known Member

    In my phone it's labeled "Misc." and I just tapped on it to see what was taking up space. Does that work on your phone...tapping on "Other"?
  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Welcome back to the forums! :)

    This sort of question comes up often so rather than move this to the HTC Evo 4G LTE forum, let's leave it right here.

    Coincidentally I have a post answering how to really see your storage on the LTEvo (see what I did there? :)) but the general instructions apply to most all models.

    The problem is that in an effort to keep things user friendly, in my opinion, they go overboard so storage does get confusing.

    Here's the actual storage layout for the LTEvo for the version of Android you're evidently running -


    Your apps and your basic data fit into the "/data" partition - about 2 GB - then you get almost 10 GB on your "internal" sd card (that's really just a storage partition named that way to keep legacy apps happy, not an actual card, as you probably already know), and the remainder of your 16 GB of on-board storage (add up the Size column in my linked picture, it's about 4 GB) is indeed reserved.

    All you can do is to either keep clearing cache (that's what Clean Master is doing), remove apps (not always convenient), or reduce your local data (texts, emails, that sort of thing, again, not always convenient).

    I have a family member who solves the problem by backing up all apps to his sd card, removing the ones he doesn't use often, and then just restoring them to run when needed - saves data and confusion going back and forth to the Play Store.

    You can do that with a number of apps such as "ASTRO File Manager with Cloud"


    Meanwhile - you have a big option with your LTEvo but it's a one-way trip -

    Sprint has an update for it that they couldn't do over the air - it basically joins your /data and internal sd storage together into a large, shared area.

    Visit the HTC Evo 4G LTE forum here for details or go to a Sprint store with a service counter and they can do it.

    That's going to wipe out everything, so first be sure to backup your storage to your pc (drag and drop) and backup your apps and data using Helium Backup (Play Store, root not required).

    Hope this helps! :)
    Not on that HTC but otherwise, really excellent general tip there - cheers! :)
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