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How do I get music on this thing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Markus Williamson, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    Got a Droid 2, and can't figure out how to get my .mp3 collection on to my phone....what directory does it go into??? Also, memory card not showing up for file transfers and saves. Half the time, the cable supplied will recognize the phone, but won't display the file structure......HELP!!!!!!!!

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  2. (G)

    (G) Android Expert

    Not sure about the music directory (I think it's "Music") but getting the file structure is easy.

    Plug the phone into your computer and the computer will make a "recognize it" sound. Then open the phone, drag down from the very top of the screen -- from the area where the battery power icon, bluetooth icon, wi-fi icon, etc. are. You'll get a menu that says "USB Charging this device. Tap for more options." Tap that box and select "Transfer files" and the computer will then show you the file structure. You can then move your MP3s into the "Music" folder.
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  3. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    ugh...thats a negative ghostrider......your presented solution did not work....USB went into my computer under photos file, and started importing them....why does this have to be so damn hard...I don't wanna sign up for Google services....I just wanna play my .mp3s through a freakin $600.00 phone...was that too much to ask from Motorola, apparently they thought so.....this is the 20th solution I have seen, and NONE worked.....anybody interested in buying this piece of crap? LOL
  4. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    also, phone file structure has no "music" folder that I can find........
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Is the phone unlocked? Because if it's screen-locked, the computer won't see any files on the phone. It's a security feature.
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  6. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

  7. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

  8. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    I am new at this...what does an unlocked screen consist of? Your password screen? Certainly not, so I am missing something here...plain english for a noob please....
  9. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    I am new at this...what does an unlocked screen consist of? Your password screen? Certainly not, so I am missing something here...plain english for a noob please...
  10. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    It seems I have tried 21 different techniques to get .mp3's from my computer on to my Motorola Droid Turbo 2....and every one was a failure. Has motorola locked out the file strucure in the phone, i.e. windows explorer, cuz I can see a file structure, and I see the photos in the DCIM sub file, but where does your music go? There is NO music folder to speak of....I think this was done intentionally so that owners would have too repurchase music they already own....bummer....
  11. Markus Williamson

    Thread Starter

    when I tried the screen unlock feature...unplugged it...re-plugged it...now...NO file structure??? I really HATE this phone!!!
  12. Leon Marco

    Leon Marco Well-Known Member

    Calm down and tell me what exactly happens when you connect your phone to your computer. Out of what I've read I understand that the moment you connect your phone to the computer the computer gives a notification saying that the phone is connected but then nothing happens your phone only charges. Am I right?
  13. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    I have a Samsung, so it might be A BIT different in terms of menu structure or naming, but it should be largely the same.

    1. Pickup the phone and click the unlock button. You will be greeted by the lockscreen. Swipe it open, or anything as long as you get to the homescreen where you see the icons for messages and widgets and stuff you use.

    2. Plug the phone into the PC while unlocked.

    3. The PC should recognize the phone. Depending on the mode, the recognized device may differ. Pull down the notification bar, you will see the "charging" notification. Tap it and you will be given a menu. Set it to MTP mode. Wait for the device to be recognized by the PC.

    4. Open the device on My Computer.

    5. Music doesn't have a specific folder you have to put them into. Make a folder named music, and just dump them there.
  14. Mine are on my Turbo 2 removable SD card in a folder called ...
    ... and I use (and highly recommend) Poweramp.

    When you plug in the USB cable it stupidly always selects "charge this device". On the pull down menu I select "Transfer files".

    (If for some files do not show up on the PC side ... reboot the Turbo 2 and once again choose "Transfer files" on the drop down (this has been an issue through the last few system upgrades.)

    ... Thom
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  15. rdsok

    rdsok Android Enthusiast

    I'd suggest you ignore Thom's comment about the default setting being set to charge the device as being stupid... he doesn't seem to understand that is the most secure default setting for it to use until you have selected something else...

    There are just a few basic steps to transfer files after plugging in the USB from the phone to your computer... Also remember it isn't just the phone you are dealing with but also the computer and how it works as well.

    On the phone, swipe down as was mentioned and click the charge notification so you can select transfer files instead.

    On the computer when it asks what to do... do not select to transfer pictures/files or other things like you did before or it will copy them as it did before... if it's a Windows computer, select to open the device with Windows Explorer.

    3. Now copy the files from your computer ( or from the phone if you wish ) to the location you want.

    As you were told... if you are going to copy Music to it and there is not a folder, just make one and then copy those mp3's to that folder.
  16. Excellent advice.

    They could add an option on the dropdown what allows the user to specify that even with possible security implications they wish to set the default to "Transfer files". It could be associated with the security Screen Lock option and ONLY be allowed if Screen Lock was set to none. (If you reconnect the USB cable 10 times in two hours because you are testing you may see the reason.)

    ... Thom
    #16 Thom, Jul 9, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
  17. rdsok

    rdsok Android Enthusiast

    If the default was set to transfer files, even optionally... then even when the device was locked if someone else connected your phone to their computer, they'd have full access to the files that are shown.
  18. Phalon4

    Phalon4 Android Enthusiast

    Are the music files true .mp3 files or files that written like a bunch of letters and numbers (ex) Pink_ Floyd %5//236%9003rgeiFgr$...?

    If so you need you to re_write the music file like this Pink_Floyd.mp3. Because on some devices music formats doesn't recognize miss wrote files in it's log
  19. tweak4

    tweak4 Well-Known Member

    Alternative options:
    • Use an application like AirDroid to make the connection from PC to Phone over wifi. Then just select the MP3s of your choosing and push them to the phone.
    • Share your PC's music folder on your network. On the phone, use a file explorer that can read Windows shares (assuming you're running Windows), like Solid Explorer. Browse to the shared folder from your phone, select files, copy to the phone. This is my usual approach, and I've never had a problem doing it this way using a variety of phones & tablets over the last several years.
  20. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    So Markus, can you listen to your .mp3s yet?

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