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Jun 12, 2010
When typing the word 'you' I will get a default choice of 'ypu'
This doesn't happen all the time - but annoyingly it does happen 50% of the time

I think it must have got stored in the dictionary when using
Can I edit entries in the dictionary for the typing?

I have a HTC Desire


menu>settings>language and keyboard>touch input>user dictionary:D

i can't see user dictionary anywhere? :(
its a htc desire - i've found that some things are in different places?
can u suggest anywhere else?
I got an Incredible, both are sense. Should have the same options.... Gonna move this to the Desire section, we have some VERY helpful/knowledgeable users in that section that are always ready to help (that goes for every where really, this just seems to be more phone specific)