How do I get song info to work?

Hi Everyone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy I and have finally got my itunes music to go across to Kies and then onto my phone. That's all fine but Kies did not recognise a lot of the tracks as from the same album- it put them into 1 unknown 'album' of about 450 tracks. I tried to get song info and did it manually so as to make sure the info was correct but nothing changes?
If I want to take for example "Aerosmith- nine lives" album onto my phone I have to go into this 'unknown' album and find each song manually.

I don't know why these 450 odd tracks have had this when others have been identified properly.

I have windows 7.
Go to the tag editor tab, find your songs, and type in the artist, album, track name, track number, etc.

But fyi, if you bought all your music from itunes, this should already be there. You shouldnt have to enter it all in again.


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yeah it is there. I'm still confused about what I need to change- is it the order the info comes in e.g. instead of being track no; track name; album name; artist
maybe start with artist then track name then album name?
I'm presuming each time I do this I save with the save button?