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how do I get the Android voice thing to show me a listing of certain stores in my area?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mdw, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. mdw

    mdw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    how do I get this Android voice to show me a list of stores? For example, on the iPhone I could say, call AT&T store, and Siri would list 6 stores in their phone numbers, and addresses. Or I could say, show me the address to AT&T, and it would list the 6 stores.

    how do I get the same feature on Android? When I say call AT&T it's just looking for someone named AT&T in my contacts list. When I say show me local AT&T stores, it says no matching applications found.

    any tips on the proper phrase?

  2. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    "show me AT&T locations" works for me.
  3. mdw

    mdw Newbie
    Thread Starter

  4. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    You are using S-Voice, not Google Voice! S-Voice is aweful. :p
  5. mdw

    mdw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    :thinking: o_O Ooooh lol. I see... what's Google Voice? The only Google Voice I see in the play store is an app for making international calls. I'm trying to basically use the Android equivalent of Siri. Can I use this Google Voice as a replacement for s voice? I want to be able to press the home button twice and access it.
  6. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    If you just want to try it, click the microphone icon in the google search widget if you still have it on one of your home screen. Or you could go into the the apps menu and find Voice Search, a blue icon with a microphone. It is a stock app.

    Once you tried it, if you really like it and want to replace s-voice on the menu double tap, then follow the instructions on the following thread:

  7. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    Edit: Icneed beat me to it

    Google Now (three ways to get to it):

    A. Hit the Google search bar widget on your home screen if it's still there
    B. Go into the app drawer and open the "Google" app
    C. Long press on home button, then hit the 'g' icon on the bottom of the screen

    Tap the microphone and say what you want
  8. lcneed

    lcneed Android Enthusiast

    I have an iPad Mini with Siri and the Note 2. I randomly would ask the same questions on both Siri and Google Voice Search at the same time and see the results. Google Voice Search always come out faster. But I have to say Siri does a better job of voice dialing, making appointments, and stuff. Voice Search is better at... well.... searching!

    And Siri is more fun for kids... because you can ask her stupid questions and she will answer. :p
  9. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Android Enthusiast

    I always loved asking Siri "I need to hide a dead body" and have it pull up swamps and construction sites.
  10. basegod

    basegod Newbie

    Replace S-Voice with Google Now (Home button double tap)

    Works like a charm!!

    Go to S Voice app > Settings > Uncheck
  11. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    See post #6, above, for a link to the previous thread on this topic.

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