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how do i get the pdanet for tablet on evo 4g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by squarenupe33, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. squarenupe33

    squarenupe33 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    when i search market for pdanet for tablet or just pdanet it comes back with it cannot be found. i know it is available since i downloaded the app on my tablet. how do i get the app from my tablet to my evo 4g? or find it on market?

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  2. JBK617

    JBK617 Lurker

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  3. squarenupe33

    squarenupe33 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    the link you supplied allows me to download the windows installer and refers me to android market to get the phone app. therefore i have the same problems since when i go to market on my evo 4g it responds with 532 results for "pdanet" and the list is headed by easytether lite. no pdanet app is in the list. it must be blocked somehow on sprint evo 4g cuz every device i used to search market for pdanet finds the correct apps. i was trying to find a way to share the app between my asus tablet and my phone. thank anyway for your help
  4. dblhelx

    dblhelx Newbie

    Which Asus do you have? I was thinking of getting the Transformer PRIME, but only if I can tether it via USB with my Evo for free. I have PDA.net on my Evo as well.
  5. willdawg01

    willdawg01 Lurker

    I have the Transformer Prime (btw use google to find the link for Best Buy if you want to buy one. BB has burried the one they have in stock the week after Christmas so that you can't get to it via bestbuy.com) and EVO 4G. Sprint is blocking PDANet and PDANet Tablet in the market (meaning no new downloads or updates) so until someone comes up with a trustworthy .apk file those who don't want to root their phones are stuck with paying their carriers for hotspot ability.

    Also, @dblhex how would you use USB (which isn't supported by PDANet Tablet anyway) since neither device has a USB-A interface unless you use the Prime's dock?
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  6. squarenupe33

    squarenupe33 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i thought somehow, someway pdanet was being blocked on the market for sprint users, so i am not crazy. thanks for the confirmation on that. so then can i assume that there is no way to tether a evo 4g without paying sprint or rooting your phone? thanks
  7. willdawg01

    willdawg01 Lurker

    Nope. You're not crazy.

    The link, and the thus the Windows installer, is for PDANet not PDANet Tablet (there is a difference) i.e. it's for sharing your phone's network connection with a computer. The nice thing is that the Windows application will install the PDANet app to the phone, but there is no computer installer for PDANet Tablet since there is no computer involved.

    There is, however, a way to get PDANet Tablet onto your phone. After you've installed PDANet Tablet to your tablet use an app backup program to backup the .apk file for PDANet Tablet (on mine it was called 1060.apk but you'll probably just back up a whole folder) then email it to yourself and allow non market app installation on your phone. When you go to your email you should be able to install from the attachment.

    I have connected my non-rooted EVO 4G and Transformer Prime but there is a problem, they aren't sharing data, just saying they are connected. I'm guessing there is a setting I've missed somewhere, but for the time I'm not in need of this connection so I'm not going to troubleshoot it anytime soon. If you get it working let me know.
  8. willdawg01

    willdawg01 Lurker

    I just thought I would add another update: June Fabrics just released a new PDANet and PDANet Tablet today (January 31, 2012). As of the moment I write this Srint isn't blocking anything from the market, but I can't imagine that will last. To get the phone PDANet (which now works with tablets and computers rather than having to have 2 apps) if it ends up blocked June Fabrics setup this link Download PdaNet
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