Root How do I install chroot on a Milestone without Ubuntu?


Here are directions on how to install Ubuntu on a Milestone.

In German.

[How-To] Debian (chroot) mit LXDE auf dem Milestone -

Since the commands are all in English, I can follow most of what's happening. What I don't know how to do is build the Ubuntu chroot environment if my Linux install is Fedora. Particularly since Mock (Fedora way to build chroot) doesn't look like it provides ARM builds.



I'm from Germany so I can help. I did the same you want to do on Fedora. Thats what I did:

su -
yum install qemu debootstrap
cd /home/yourusername/Desktop
dd if=/dev/zero of=debian.img bs=1024 count=3500000
mkfs.ext2 -F debian.img
tune2fs -c0 debian.img
chmod 777 debian.img
mkdir debian
mount -o loop debian.img debian/
/usr/sbin/debootstrap --arch armel squeeze debian/
mkdir debian/sdcard
mount -t proc none debian/proc/
mount -t sysfs sysfs debian/sys/
mount -t devpts devpts debian/dev/pts
chroot debian/ /bin/bash
export HOME=/root
export LC_ALL=C

Then you are in your debian-system. Hope it helps.

Best regards,