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How do I keep a link open when I click on another one?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Tru2au, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Tru2au

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    I had a phone that broke and got an exact replacement model. I got everything downloaded & transfered. Here is my issue on my other phone and all the ones I have owned. If I had a link up and wanted to pull up another one. I could match the middle button and it would go back to my home screen. Where I could click on my search engine which is Bing. It would open up and I could pull up anything I needed through there. Though when I mash the button down in the corner. To bring the previous link back up it is not there. Unlike my previous phone. I cannot have two or more links open at the same time. It only does it with a search engine. Like right now I have messenger, play store and settings with a clear all link at the very top of all the ones I listed. I am sure I confused you because I'm confused myself. I just want to be able to have three are four things I can open with one button and not delete the others I have open. I need a simple answer because I'm over the age of 50 and didn't graduate in the top of my class. :(

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  2. mikedt

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    Try holding down on the desired link and the browser should give you an option to open it in a new tab or page, keeping the existing page open as well.
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