Root How do I know if I am "S-off"


Hey All, recently rooted with Cyanongenmod 7 and I need to know if the phone is "S-off" or "fully" rooted...

With this ROM, do I have S-off or is there a way to check?


Basically want to flash the leaked GB Radio and the instructions I am reading are making this a pre-req...


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s-off is a security off bootloader,it is part of the phone,and doesnt change when flashing a rom in recovery.

to checl what bootloader you have,boot into hboot by powering off,then hold the volume down key and power on. this will take you to hboot(white screen with colored letters)

if your phone was rooted the "old school manual way" then you will see s-off and a hboot version of 1.04.2000.

if you recently rooted with revolutionary,youll see revolutionary across the top,followed by s-off,and an hboot version of 6.04.1002

if you have a custom recovery and are running a custom rom,then you are "fully rooted"

last and not least,if you find that you have the old 1.04.2000 hboot,id strongly reccomend upgrading it to this:
Patched (hard)hboot 1.04 for s-off/eng/fastboot - xda-developers