How do i preorder an Evo but get the benefit of ESRP? or student discount?


i was wondering how that would work, since it seems as if both the student discount and esrp? are only offered online.


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I was wondering if I can pre-order the phone first and try to apply the discount at BB when it's released. If they won't allow me, I will still keep the phone with me and order online with the discount. Once the phone ordered online comes in, I will return the pre-order phone back to BB? At least I can get the EVO on June 4th and play with it XDDD. Is sprint selling EVO on June 4th too? Also, according to the student discount thread, we don't know if the discount would apply to EVO.


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I dunno. I know that for employer discounts, you get the plan and then apply for the discount. Last summer I started a qualifying family/share plan and applied for my employer's 14% discount. They checked everything and then within a month or so the discount was applied to my bill for subsequent months.