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how do i put a movie onto my droid????

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by droid1234, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. droid1234

    droid1234 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok I know it has been asked before but cant seem to find the post i need. Ok I have a movie on a dvd in my laptop now trying to figure out how to move it to my droid. First off how do i get the movie on my computer. A friend of mine gave me a any video convertor program. i tried that and it came up a ton of errors. I made a folder on sd card saying MOVIES. do i need a decrypter or something? So how do i get this to work I have it in my head to make it work but i am about to pull my hair out trying. It is simple what i read but I am not getting it. let me know please

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  2. BottledHate

    BottledHate Android Enthusiast

    the video file needs to be mp4. H.264. Same as iphones video format. no avi/divx/xvid support yet. i'll send you an im......
  3. BottledHate

    BottledHate Android Enthusiast

    Once you have your home video in the right format to view on the driod you can view it by first navigating to the file using 'oi file manager' or 'astro'.. from there the default movie player should take over.

    you can also get third party players like 'this' one or 'this' one that you might like better...

    i notticed the default movie app can be so picky as to not play a video with the extension in caps (.MP4).

    search in market or on androlib... i like androlib because its easier to search and use 'barcode scanner' for the qr codes to get the apps you want.
  4. droid1234

    droid1234 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i guess i am dumb cause this is one ear and out the other i need a program to take the movie from the dvd to the program in one click. wasnt people talking about handbag or something like that?????
  5. BottledHate

    BottledHate Android Enthusiast

    i was speaking for after you get the movie converted and on your device... there are 100's of programs to convert dvd's.... This isn't the forum for video encoding help ;) VideoHelp.com - Forum, Guides, Tools and hardware lists has a lot of guides for converting anything to anything....
  6. Ameko

    Ameko Lurker

    Hey! I had a good luck with this Wondeshare DVD Ripper Platinum, you can have a free try of it. After loading your DVD movies, you can select MPEG-4 as output format. You can refer to this article to learn how to convert DVD to Droid with easy steps. Hope that helps.
  7. Bacon369

    Bacon369 Lurker

    I found CuCusoft to be idiot proof.
  8. maxmonkey

    maxmonkey Lurker

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