James Girdler

Oct 18, 2022
Hi all,

I'll keep it as brief as I can.

New google pixel 7 pro, backed up on old 4a before transferring sim card. Restored backup, all good. New phone broke, but had daily or weekly backups to my google drive - cannot rightly remember, probably weekly.

I am resorting to my old 4a for the time being for phone calls. However, When I get a new phone, can I restore the original backup again? Or is it lost? Shall I just continue using whatsapp on old 4a where I believe the original backup chat will still be when I transfer the sim, then carry on using from that phone until the new one arrives and I do the same again. Chat Backup on old 4a I will now be using and restore that chat on new phone? Is the original restored chat lost?

Main question, can I access the daily or weekly updated whatsapp backup from my google drive?

Thanks all
If you are losing chats you need to be backing up more often, and it's important to do so on a scheduled, consistent basis. You always want to have the most recent backup files to restore from when needed.
Don't get too overzealous deleting old backup entries, save at least two or three going back just in case something gets corrupted in the most recent backup. You'll lose a few messages but that's better than losing everything.
Thanks for the update, but my question was mainly about accessing a whatsapp back up to my google drive rather than phone?